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Name:Charlotte Davison
Birthdate:Apr 25
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Website:♥ dream like new york

Charlotte Eloise Davison (or Charli to those who know her) is the eldest child to the Davison family with one younger sister, Georgette, and identical twin little brothers, Michael and Martin. There is two years age difference between the sisters, but the twins arrived four years in the wake of Georgette and the family were over the moon to have sons added to the mix. They grew up in the New Jersey town of Woodbridge Township, and although they were close, they couldn't be more different. Georgette was the loud-mouthed wild child artist who came out as a lesbian on her sixteenth birthday. She was one of those people who just fell on their feet in life and despite living a free-spirited life with her only ambition to do art, she is now a set designer for a TV company and loves her job to bits.

Michael, the baby of the family, was the quiet and unassuming one, making both his big sisters very protective of him. They couldn't have been more over the moon for him when he went and bagged millionaire fashionista and Co-Owner of FABULOUS magazine, Paris Hart. Martin was the tough child of the bunch, a bit of a wayward soul, completely different to Michael. He grew up wanting to join the Army, which is exactly what he did the moment he was old enough to. It didn't take long for him to be entered into the Special Forces and stationed at Baltimore, Maryland where, very soon after, he was sent on a Special Ops secret mission in another country that he couldn't tell any of his family about. Michael was a bit at a loss without his brother, but he threw himself into work once he was settled in a job he loved.

Charlotte was always the most ambitious of the three. She wanted to be successful, and she wanted to own her own business. She started work with a modelling agency in New York as a secretary whilst she was studying a degree in Marketing at New York University. It wasn't a field she thought she would stay in, but she took to it like a duck to water and began a lot of ambitious networking both in the modelling and fashion industries. She had an infectious personality that people easily connected to, but she also worked like a dog with a bone to get the career she wanted. Just before she graduated, she became a base-level Modelling Agent with the agency she was already with, but it wasn't enough. It was her connections that helped Michael get his job with Paris, and from there, avenues just kept opening up for her that she seized without hesitation. After graduation, she decided she wanted to start her own business, a modelling agency, and literally began with three clients who were friends.

It was a lot of hard work, schmoozing and even some ass-kissing to climb the ladder, but she now owns one of the most successful boutique modelling agencies in New York City, Modelesque, and her biggest client is international supermodel, Sierra, but also manages the contracts for Rian Ambrose's models, Gabriel George and newly signed, Harley Rayner, and Calvin Klein's newest addition, Emilio Alvarez. Charli thrives in the fashion world and is proud of the little empire she has built. She knows what she wants in models and has a bit of a reputation for being a bitch when sticking to what she knows, because what she knows is a working formula with the client base she has.

However, she's definitely not all work and no play. She's bisexual and dates whoever takes her fancy at any given time. Her closest and best friend is Keiran O'Leary, whom she met in London on a holiday a few years back where he was playing at a pub with his band. Although they slept together once, there's no romantic connection between them. Keiran confided in her one night when he got absolutely blind drunk that he still loved his ex fiancée, Mandy Fitzpatrick, so Charli knew she could never live up to that. Nor did she feel the need. Her and Keiran had a kindred connection that went above and beyond romance. They were very different, but he was like the Yin to her Yang, and ultimately, that was what led her to offering to marry him so he could get his Green Card to remain living in America and working with Angel Shaw. So, they did just that and they're still married. In fact, Keiran has agreed to be a sperm donor for Charli to have a baby. She just never found the right person to settle down with... not even close, but the urge lately to become a mother has been getting stronger and stronger. They haven't quite gotten to that point yet, but so far, it's on the cards. Though with Mandy suddenly showing up in New York again, it has knocked Keiran for six, and it couldn't be a worse time for them to discuss the whole baby daddy issue, so it's shelved for the moment.

Charli is very headstrong and determined when it comes to her career and business. She won't take shit and if you give her any reason not to like you, she'll make sure you know it. However, off the clock, she is fun and carefree, loving to let her hair down and go drinking and dancing with her friends. She hasn't completely written off the prospect of love and romance, but the older she gets, the more cynical she is becoming about the search, let alone settling down with someone who will match her. She loves her little brother and now they're both living in the City, spends a lot of time with him. Like everyone, she has her secrets, but unless she trusts you and knows she can rely on you to keep her confidence, you'll probably never know them.

Charlotte exists for musebox/PSL, ♥ dreamlikenewyork.
She is an original character for RP purposes only. PB is Katie McGrath.
No infringement intended, for fun only.

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